EarthGrains Premium Bread, French, Sliced

San Francisco Style. A low fat food. The promise of bread at its best. Now you can treat your family to the greet taste of authentic San Francisco Style French bread from Earth Grains. In the finest San Francisco tradition this French bread has a crispy crust and a delicate, moist inside your whole family will love. And Earth Grains San Francisco Style French bread is made with only the finest select ingredients. This loaf is baked with the same tradition and pride found in all our fine products. That's our promise, and it's one we keep in every delicious bite. Earth Grains - a delicious way to help satisfy dietary guidelines for Americans. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has urged Americans to adopt better eating habits. The USDA has issued dietary guidelines recommending a diet with more emphasis on grain products and less fat and cholesterol. So thee are even more reasons to enjoy delicious Earth Grains bread. With Earth Grains, satisfying your appetite for wholesome food has never tasted better. Bread is a low fat food. More than 60 years ago, our company was founded on the principle of providing the finest quality bakery products.